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BankMenu is run with a commercial purpose. Information on this website does not reflect all available products on the market. However. we try to include as many as we can. Refinancing involves merging several small loans into a new loan. Through the refinancing of loans you can save money and your finances will be better organized. By collecting your debt in one loan you only have one payment to deal with. In addition, you will be able to save on interest as well as other monthly charges and administration fees. When applying for a refinancing loan, it is very important that you thoroughly prepare to inform us of existing loans you have previously made, in addition, you must state which loans you want to pay immediately.
It is not always possible to merge all loans into a refinancing loan. In these cases, it may be worthwhile to partially consolidate loans, or at least plan to repay the loan as favorably as possible. By making some smart moves with regard to repayment of loans, there can be huge sums to save. The longer you pay on a high-interest loan, the greater the total cost of the loan will be. Therefore, prioritize paying down as much as you can on the most expensive loans first, and merge the loans if the opportunity arises, in whole or in part, for a more favorable loan.